vDisk is locked 0xffff8017

When a customer calls and tells you they have been up for 36 hours straight trying to get the VDI environment working  you automatically think this could be a long day. Fortunately for all concerned we had this issue sorted quickly enough. 5 out of 300 VMs in the VDI would only start using Citrix Provisioning Services  6.1. The rest were showing as vDisk is locked 0xffff8017.

First idea was to follow the Releasing vDisk Locks but this didn’t  help.  To me it seemed as though the lock file was corrupt or something in the PVS data store.

So to fix the issue we did the following:

Shut down all targets using the vDisk

deleted the vDisk from vDisk pool

removed the vDisk location from the target devices in device collection using the copy and paste vDisk properties

We opened the store where the vDisk was located and deleted the vDisk .lok file.

Reimported  the vDisk again to the vDisk pool

Added  vDisk location in the target device  in device collection then copy and paste vDisk properties to the rest of the targets.

vDisk was set to Private but we set it back to standard and  all 300 VMS started working again.

2 thoughts on “vDisk is locked 0xffff8017

  1. My vDisk was working fine in standard mode but when I tried bringing up the server after changing the vDisk to private I got C0000218 Registry File Corrupt issue. I dont have the backup as it was a test image and the old image is not up to date. Is there any way I can restore the vDisk ??

    1. Hey Deepti,
      It looks as though the image has become corrupt. If you set the image to private mode then try to start the machine pressing f8 enter safe mode and repair the fault from there. I think if you encounter this sort of issue on your master image you might be better off cutting your loses and going back to your golden image.
      Hope this helps…

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