Fixing a corrupt Citrix Receiver installation

After removing Citrix Receiver 3.4 Enterprise during some testing of another issue I managed to corrupt the installation somehow.

I tried re-installation but if failed miserably with the below error:

“Setup cannot continue because this version of Receiver is incompatible with a previously-installed version”


 So how did I go about fixing this issue?

As with all receiver installation issue we should examine the trolley express log file found below:

11:03:55: Information – CApp::CheckIfAClientPackageIsInstalled(1001) – Checking if a 13.1 or later package is installed. 11:03:55: Information – CApp::ReadInstalledPackageVersion(1081) – An existing package was found. 11:03:55: Information – CApp::SetExitCode(45) – Exit code is 1603 (called with 1603) 11:03:55: Error – CApp::CheckIfAClientPackageIsInstalled(1057) – An existing package was found. Install cannot continue.

From the log file we can see that the installation fails due an existing package being found (the same as the error message above as we suspected!) . We need to find out where TrolleyExpress is reading that information so we can manipulate the situation , best tool to that is procmon (aka process monitor).

I quickly filtered on trolley express.exe and tried the installation again.  We can see the process trying to access various keys and files which revealed the location is was reading the data from.


The solution is to delete the below reg key so that we can continue the installation.


Now running the installation again it completes with success :)


fyi you will probably see a similar document on soon too (written by me of course).

18 thoughts on “Fixing a corrupt Citrix Receiver installation

  1. No, that did not work. The same information error. And log contains:

    14:13:48: Information – CApp::ReadInstalledPackageVersion(1090) – No existing package. (Key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\CitrixOnlinePluginFull not present.)

    14:13:48: Information – CApp::ReadInstalledPackageVersion(1081) – An existing package was found.

    And stops.

    1. did u try running procmon during the install. Also this post was for the enterprise version not standard receiver. How did you get to this stage?

  2. And trying to Deinstall the existing one (?)

    14:20:40: Information – CApp::InitializeLog(662) – * Version:
    14:20:40: Information – CApp::InitializeLog(664) – * Build Date: Dec 14 2012
    14:20:40: Information – CApp::InitializeLog(665) – * Build Time: 15:20:10
    14:20:40: Information – CApp::InitializeLog(666) – * Command Line: /processid=828 /cleanup=”C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Citrix Receiver”
    14:20:40: Information – CCommandLine::ParseParam(94) – Command Line Parameter: processid = 828
    14:20:40: Information – CCommandLine::ParseParam(94) – Command Line Parameter: cleanup = C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Citrix Receiver
    14:20:40: Information – CApp::SelfCleaningUninstallProcess(1914) – SelfCleaningUninstallProcess invoked with /processid and /cleanup…
    14:20:40: Information – CApp::SelfCleaningUninstallProcess(1935) – SelfCleaningUninstallProcess waiting for processid 828
    14:20:55: Information – CApp::SelfCleaningUninstallProcess(1954) – SelfCleaningUninstallProcess found uninstaller exit code: 1602
    14:20:55: Warning – CApp::SelfCleaningUninstallProcess(2006) – SelfCleaningUninstall won’t remove anything because the uninstall was not successful.
    14:20:55: Information – CApp::ExitInstance(604) – Exit Code = 0

  3. Hello dear,

    I have some new issue here.

    I have never installed the Citrix Receiver in my Pc before. However, the same message for user that have previously-installed version was shown to me.

    Do you know how can I fix?

    1. More than likely someone has used the pc before and there is an old installation remaining. I suggest you remove the reg keys as suggested in the article.

  4. I am having this install issue, however there is no reg key for me to delete in reg editor.
    I also found and deleted every file associated with the Citrix Receiver as per found in the trolley express log, deleted them, re-ran the installation, and it still gives me the same error.
    Any ideas?

  5. Same error. I’ve done everything suggested above in various sequences (plus using Windows Control Panel to uninstall) and can’t get Receiver to install properly on a Vista Home 64 bit machine. The key I removed in the registry was not exactly named the same, but was HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\CitrixOnline(something else here). There is still some piece of Citrix out there that the new install doesn’t like.

    1. Check the below KB, most like something has been left behind.

      How to Remove Client Files Remaining on System after Uninstalling Receiver for Windows

      Use this tool to help remove previous clients CTX137494 – Receiver Clean-Up Utility

      If you run procmon you should be able to find out what key or entry it is looking for, also check the trolley express logs.

  6. I tried a lot of solutions, but what worked for me is to extract all the .msi Files from the .exe package using 7-Zip program, then Install them Individually. Hope it helps who got stuck like I was :)

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